Poised to Protect

"Poised to Protect"  is a WORKbook for everyone who is involved in the life of a child.   This is a WORKbook because in order to educate and protect our children we have to be willing to be part of the process before we become spectators of their pain. In this workbook is information on topics like: sexual imprinting, sexual abuse, homosexuality, gender identity issues, pornography, masturbation, and so much more. There are also prayers and confessions for you to strengthen your spirit man and repair breaches in your life in this area. The book also includes powerful stories from individuals who have personally experienced the subjects discussed and are at different stages of their healing process.

The world is changing, and our children are facing issues surrounding this topic on almost a daily basis.  We have no reason to fear, what we are empowered to help navigate them through.  We simply need to become POISED - composed, dignified, and assured - to PROTECT our children!

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